Last Chance to see You Are Here at BAM

After an extended engagement at 
the Brooklyn Academy of Music
You Are Here
must close on
 June 28th

Your last opportunities to see the installation

Sunday June 22nd  5 - 7 pm
Tuesday June 24th  5:30 - 7:30 pm
Wednesday June 25th  5:30 - 7:30 pm
Thursday June 26th  5:30 - 7:30 pm
Friday June 27th  5:30 - 7:30 pm
Saturday June 28th 5 - 7 pm

BAM Cafe / Lepercq Space 
Peter Jay Sharp Building / 2nd Floor
30 Lafayette Ave

Skip to my Lou

Video and Photographs from
Skip to My Lou from
Frances Faye's Folk Song Sing-A-Long

Follow the link for video of

Videography by Character Generators

"Lost my man now what'll I do?"

"I'll get another one nicer than you"

"Skip to my lou my darlin'"

"He's gone again, He's gone again, He's gone again"

"My man wears a number twelve shoe"

setting change

the machinist at work

"He's got big feet and he's awkward too"

Photos © Richard Termine

Shortnin' Bread

Video and Photographs of Shortnin' Bread
from Frances Faye's Folk Song Sing-A-Long
as performed by yours truly

Follow this link for video

Video by Character Generators

"Three little children lyin' in bed"
"Two are sick and the other 'most dead"

"Sent for the doctor, doctor said 'feed these children..."

"Old Bob Bruder and a rocket named Ned..."

"Butch the robber, smart in the head..."

"When the cops came, they caught them and read..."

"Looked in his loot bag and one of 'em said..."


"A hungry man came home and fed, found his woman sleepin' in bed..."

"Wanted to shoot her full of lead, but they both ended up eatin'..."

"Whole world's sick or haven't you read..."

"Cause all the politician's are hot in the head..."


Chorus ad infinitum...

© Richard Termine

Introduction and Lonesome Road

Video and Photographs from
Introduction and Lonesome Road
from Frances Faye's Folk Song Sing-A-Long!
as performed by yours truely 
at Labapalooza! at St. Ann's Warehouse

Click the link to see the video 

Video by Character Generators

"...The Kim Sisters, I love you. Betty Grable, I love you too..."

"....Buddy Hackett, you're gonna get it too...

"...George Madsen, I love you too. Mitzi Gaynor, I love you too..."
"... on bongos., George Acevedo..lemme hear it for George..."

                     Lonesome Road

"...walkin' down Ray Charles Road..."

"...before Gabriel blows his horn..."

"...Stan Levey's  Road...Joel Friend's Road..."

"...look up, look up, see Betty Grable..."

"...Buddy Hackett's Road..."

Lonesome Road with Betty Grable and angels

"...before Gabriel blows it's horn..." 
" more time,,,"
"He blows his horn!"

All photos © Richard Termine

Frances Faye's Folk Song Sing-A-Long as part of Labapalooza at St Ann's Warehouse

From May 29th to June 1st I performed three numbers, 
Lonesome Road, Shortnin' Bread and Skip to my Lou
from a current work entitled 
Frances Faye's Folk Song Sing-A-Long
as part of Labapalooza, a festival of new puppet theater

Frances Faye's Folk Song Sing-A-Long is based on the 1957 jazz/folk album Frances Fay­e Sings Folk Songs. With songs sung and swung in Faye's indelible style, including her alternative lyrics and comedic banter, this work for object theater sets such classics asLonesome Road, Skip to my Lou and Shortnin' Bread in motion, through a combination of animated text, bold visuals and D.I.Y chutzpah. 

See the following posts for images from each of these works 
Performance photos and video excerpts to be posted soon

Skip to my Lou from Frances Faye's Folk Song Sing-A-Long

Skip to my Lou in development

Lots of options

Paper muscle man

Paper muscle man

Paper muscle man

In a row


Men on a spindle

Men on a spindle
The structure Skip to my Lou machine

Skip to my Lou machine with spinning SKIP

Spinning SKIP and TO MY LOVE on a pull string

Spinning paper muscle men

Skip to My Lou machine at St Ann's Warehouse

Reverse side of the machine
Nicoletta Pizza is my favorite
excellent crust

Conveyor belts delivering sheets of paper muscle men
Reverse side with 2nd lyric