You Are Here Artist Talk and Stargazing

Next Wave Art presents a conversation between Ken Nintzel and Holly Shen Chaves, curator of visual arts at BAM that explores the evolution and fabrication of You Are Here, Nintzel's sculptural series of life-size constellations.

This unique installation offers audiences the opportunity to experience both the sculptural and celestial versions of the night sky's mythical characters in tandem with one another. 

After this tour through Nintzel's virtual stellarium in the Lepercq Space guests on the rooftop of the BAM Fisher with telescopes and guidance provided by astronomer Summer Ash and Columbia Astronomy Public Programs. Space is limited.

Opening Reception of BAM's Next Wave Art

You Are Here
Photos by Beowulf Sheehan 
BAM Next Wave Art
I am here
A guide to You Are Here

Side view 

Hercules the strongman

Perseus the warrior with Medusa Kaput the head of Medusa

Leo minor and Ursa major
Cepheus the king

Cassiopeia the vain queen and Andromeda the chained princess

Auriga the charioteer with Capella the goat

Virgo the virgin

The Lynx
Cannes Venatici the hunting dogs

Up view

Bootes the herdsman

Group pic

You Are Here
Next Wave Art 
at the 
Brooklyn Academy of Music

The Lepercq Space / BAM Cafe / 2nd floor

The Peter Jay Sharp Building
30 Lafayette Ave

thru December 22, 2013

Libra and Virgo

Auriga, Perseus, Triangulum, Lynx, Cassiopeia

Assorted guests with Draco, the serpent and Ursa Major and minor, the bears

Hercules, Draco, Ursa minor, Leo minor

Right side of the Arch

Left Side of the Arch

You Are Here now at BAM Next Wave

Hercules and Draco

Cepheus, Cassiopeia, Andromeda and Perseus

Special shot showing the stars

You Are Here at BAM as part of Next Wave Art 2013 / Install Day 1

Moving Day

Like the Terra Cotta Warriors

Draco Rising

Bootes Rising / Leo Descending

Perseus off to save Andromeda

Bootes, Leo Major, Leo Minor hanging in the Lepercq Space at BAM
Cepheus the King and Cassiopeia the Vain Queen

You Are Here at BAM's Next Wave Art 2013

20 Constellation figures from You Are Here will be installed in the Lepercq Space
at the Brooklyn Academy of Music as part of Next Wave Art 2013
from September 16 thru December 22

Ursa Major and Ursa Minor (Day / Dusk / Twilight) appear in THE COSMOS as part of Art and Science Collaborations' Science Inspires Art

This image Ursa Major and Ursa Minor (Day / Dusk / Twilight)
 will be shown at The New York Hall of Science
as part of Cosmos
Science Inspires Art

Day (detail)

Dusk (detail)

Twilight (detail)

Art and Science Collaborations
on line Exhibition
and at 
The New York Hall of Science
August 31st 2013 - March 2, 2014

Reenacting the painting techniques of Kazuo Shiraga at AUNTS/CATCH 2.22.13

On February 22, 2013 I took part in

 AUNTS/CATCH at The Invisible Dog in Brooklyn

Where I reenacted the foot painting techniques of the Japanese action painter Kazuo Shiraga
Who painted with his feet

and swung by a rope allowing him to move around the canvas freely

Shiraga was part of the Gutai Art Association who believed the process of making was more important than the finished object

This action was the first in a series entitled (Re)action
which reenacts historical moments in action painting.

To See Video from this Live Action
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