Friends of Tomatoes
There have been so many new adoptions in the past week
Heather & Anuj, Mark, Croft, Peter, Gabby, Patricia, Gail's Sister,
Erica, Gabby, Taps, Eileen, Felix, Mike and Mike are all new parents.
Thanks to everyone. Keep me posted! Ken

New Home in Astoria

Friends of Tomatoes, Christian and Jenny
delivered these guys to Christian's mom's
garden in Astoria. Here they are in their new digs!
Tomato Adoption

They're taking over the kitchen
These are 6" to 7" TallOne, Two or Three of them could be yours

Tomato Plants Up for Adoption

Here are the latest pictures of the heirloom
Tomato plant seedlings

There are already 44 transplanted to peat pots
and 50 more awaiting transplant

Please help by adopting a tomato plant today

If you have a sunny spot out doors or in
and desire the taste of real, locally grown tomatoes

Then get in touch with me

These seedlings are growing fast

Adopt yours soon

These seedlings have been
"potted up"
Here I used peat pots for the transplant
and they have almost doubled in size

Adopt a Tomato

Adopt a Tomato

Adopt a Tomato

112 Heirloom Tomato Seedlings Up For Adoption!
10 People Already Committed!

If you live locally and want to grow your own tomatoes this summer. I am raising heirloom Sugar Lump Cherry, Russian and Yellow Plum Tomato plants
from the seeds I harvested from last year's delicious crop.
I now have up to 112 seedlings that will need homes in the coming month.

If you are interested in adopting and growing a tomato plant or two or three...
contact me at