The Firebugs / Listen

The Firebugs

in stereo 

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by Max Frisch

Directed and Edited 
by Ken Nintzel

Chuck Blasius as Gottleib Biedermann
Susan Tierney as Babette Biedermann
Kourtney Rutherford as Anna
Jay Smith as Sepp Schmita
DJ Mendel as Willi Maria Eisenring
Richard Foreman as The PhD

as the Chorus of Firemen
Croft Vaughn, Eddie Lopez, Jonathan Murdock 
with Jonathan Lester as The Leader of the Chorus

A One Act play in Eight Scenes

Running time 1:07

Reading The Firebugs Scene Eight (Sirens)

with DJ Mendel, Chuck Blasius, Susan Tierney, Kourtney Rutherford and Jay Smith

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Thank you to all who were involved in, listened to and supported this project

Stills from Reading The Firebugs

Recording The Firebugs

Listen in Stereo

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One Act Play / Eight Scenes / Run time 1 hour 7minutes

Recording Scene Eight with DJ Mendel as Willi Eisenring, Chuck Blasius as Gottleib Biedermann, Susan Tierney as Babette Biedermann,  Kourtney Rutherford as Anna and Jay Smith as Sepp Schmitz

Scene Two
Scene Three
Scene Three

Scene Three

Scene Six

Scene Six

Scene Eight