Cepheus the King

Cepheus the King
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"Cepheus is generally conceded to have been King of Ethiopia, the Euphratean "Cush," the husband of Cassiopeia, and the father of Andromeda.

Cepheus also figures as one of the Argonauts, the valiant band of heroes that sailed in the ship Argo in quest of the golden fleece, and was changed into a constellation at his death.

Cepheus and the constellations of the group with which he is generally associated are known as 
"the Royal Family." They also comprise the so-called circumpolar constellations, and in these latitudes never set.

 They are especially noteworthy as illustrating the ancient legend of Perseus and Andromeda, one of the best known of all the classic myths and one that has survived all ages.

It shows clearly that there was an effort made on the part of the inventor of these constellations to depict here on the imperishable scroll of heaven a drama that should survive all time. 
It is as if each constellation was but an installment of a serial story."

from Star Lore by William Tyler Olcott

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