Cassiopeia the Vain Queen

Cassiopeia the Vain Queen
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"Cassiopeia was the wife of Cepheus, king of Ethiopia (see previous post) and mother of Andromeda. She was a queen of matchless beauty, and seemed to be sensible of it, for she even boasted herself fairer that Juno, the sister of Jupiter, or the Nereides, a given name to the sea nymphs.

This so provoked the ladies of the sea that they complained to Neptune of the insult, who sent a frightful monster (the constellation Cetus, the sea monster) to ravage the coast as a punishment for her insolence. In addition, Neptune demanded the a sacrifice of Cassiopeia's daughter Andromeda.

 Because of the circumpolar motion of the stars, the Queen often suffers the humiliating position of standing on her head.

She was placed, as legend runs, in this cruel position in the heavens by her enemies the sea nymphs.

Cepheus, Cassiopeia, Perseus, Pegasus and Andromeda
the so-called "Royal Family" of Starland."

from Star Lore by William Tyler Olcott

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