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Virgo the Virgin 
"Virgo is the sign the sun enters in August and was depicted in the zodiac holding in her hands the emblems of the harvest. 

By an astronomical allegory, the Virgin of August became a goddess who descended to the earth, presided over the harvest, taught mankind agriculture, and was worshipped under various names.

According to the poets, the Virgin is Astrea, the daughter of Astraeus and Aurora, and the goddess of justice. Near her appear the Scales (Libra) in which, it is said, she weighed the good and evil deeds of men. In the golden age she resided on earth, but becoming offended at the wickedness of mankind she returned to heaven.

In her left hand she bears a head of wheat, or ear of corn, which is marked by the brilliant first magnitude star Spica.

In classic times she was associated with Ceres, or her daughter Proserpine. Proserpine, so the legend relates, was wandering in the fields in the springtime, and was carried off by Pluto to be his wife. Ceres besought Jupiter to intercede in the matter, and consequently Proserpine was allowed her liberty in intervals. This myth is regarded as an allegory. Proserpine represents the seed which is buried in the earth, and in proper time bursts forth into bloom.

Another version of the myth is that Isis, and it was said that she formed the Milky Way by dropping innumerable wheat heads in the sky."

from Star Lore by William Tyler Olcott

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