Ursa Minor

Ursa Minor
the Lesser Bear
Ursa Minor, Draco and Ursa Major
"According to mythology, the Bears were transferred to heaven as a reward for hiding Zeus in Crete from his cannibal father Kronos. Ursa Minor was also identified with Arcas the son of Callisto, transported to the skies as he was about to slay his mother in the guise of a bear. The two Bears were also fabled to have nursed Zeus on Mt. Ida. Zeus, as a reward for their faithful service, changed them into nymphs and placed them among the stars.

Ursa Minor (aka The Little Dipper)
Ursa Minor's chief claim to recognition lies in the universal observation of its lucida, the standard second magnitude star Alpha, known as the "Pole Star" or "Polaris" and to the Greeks "Phoenice" 

Up shot

Ursa Minor and Draco
The mariners of the ancient and modern worlds have placed an equal faith in the guiding beams of the steadfast star. The antiquity of knowledge of this star is attested by the fact that on the Assyrian tablets we find the Pole Star mentioned. The fact that it appears fixed was perhaps the first discovery made in the stellar universe."

from Star Lore by William Tyler Olcott

Clockwise: Draco the Dragon, Ursa Minor, Auriga, Lynx, Ursa Major, Canes Venatici, Bootes and Hercules

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