Shortnin' Bread

Video and Photographs of Shortnin' Bread
from Frances Faye's Folk Song Sing-A-Long
as performed by yours truly

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Video by Character Generators

"Three little children lyin' in bed"
"Two are sick and the other 'most dead"

"Sent for the doctor, doctor said 'feed these children..."

"Old Bob Bruder and a rocket named Ned..."

"Butch the robber, smart in the head..."

"When the cops came, they caught them and read..."

"Looked in his loot bag and one of 'em said..."


"A hungry man came home and fed, found his woman sleepin' in bed..."

"Wanted to shoot her full of lead, but they both ended up eatin'..."

"Whole world's sick or haven't you read..."

"Cause all the politician's are hot in the head..."


Chorus ad infinitum...

© Richard Termine

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